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My Mission

Here Is My Vision With SNM

        Hello my name is jamie and I am a junior in High school and living in Ocean Beach San Diego.  I was so sick of wearing surf/Skate shirts that represented things i did not believe in.  But all of the christian shirts are so big and broadcasted that i could never be accepted by my firends with these shirts.  I usually where lots of volcom, billabong, or rusty, but most of these companies support many unpure movies or shows that i do not believe in.  But by wearing their products i am accepting their actions as okay with me.  But i do not want to do this.  So this is why i started this company.  Thanks to the help of my friend Maruca i could design and make some shirts of my own.  With these shirts i could have a good looking shirt with a small message to them and possibly strike curiosity when somebody sees the shirt.  With this curiosity someone may ask what something means on the shirt or what it is.  And BAM!  An easy ministry opppurtunity just walked right up to your face.  I am a very strong christian and love to praise the Lord.  I thank God for giving me the oppurtunity for this wonderful ministry.  Thank You also for reading My Mission God Bless.